Not So Nasty News: More animals

Item #1: Not a dog story

I found this page and decided to show a link:
The Coalinga Iron Zoo

I cannot recall seeing a painted pump jack. Most of the ones I saw were well away from busy roads, so had one looked like a turtle or a giraffe, who would have noticed?

Item #2: A little deer and a fire
A fire fighter found a tiny deer near the edge of a fire and carried it out.
The print at the bottom of the image says: “West Mims Fire, Georgia” – a fire in the very south of Georgia in spring of 2017.
West Mims

Item #3: Another fire story

I was able to get home yesterday from eastern Washington despite a grass fire along I-90 along my route, and the gas station where I stopped could not process credit cards. Cash was needed. A planned 3.5 hour trip took 4 ¾ hours. Had a low sun nearly blinding me for ½ an hour. I got home just before dark. All is well.

Item #4: Your guess is as good as anyone’s guess.

record gulls

I find it interesting when wild things confound experts.
There is a quote from a notable scientist
“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman
So this is a story from Australia where gulls have increased in number and why is the question.

Item #5: A memory

Another wild thing story, about Lady Bugs (beetles). There is a connection to Australia with this, too, but only if you are a classic rock & roll fan will it resonate.

Turns out the AC/DC song “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” is wrong.
Ladybirds are not fans

beetles, bugs, birds?

When we were living in Idaho, we went one spring to a place that had snow and dead trees. Sun on the dark wood had warmed things so the trunks and nearby ground were snow free. Lady Bird Beetles were covering the warm spaces. We have 35 mm color slides – somewhere. I cropped a part (~20%) of an image on the web, but it indicates what we saw.The original photo is from the “worth a look” site:
Mostly birds by Tom Lawler

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.