An odd assortment

This week’s not so nasty news.

Item #1: Don’t mess with mom

111 miles north of us, a person [unnamed, so far] doing some research, ventured into the home territory of one of the resident Washington Wolf packs, the Loup Loup group. The members objected.
They impressed her enough that she climbed a tree. Therefrom she was able to make a phone call (?). As a “U. S. Forest Service salmon researcher” she may have had a Forest Service radio, and she knew or should have known of the wolves.
A WA Department of Natural Resources wildfire helicopter flew to the site, the wolves went home, and all is well that ends well.

Full story here.

Item #2: They’ve got ice.

Most of it is under the water

Got ice?

Go get some. 870 east of Boston and 370 miles north is a place called Upper Amherst Cove on Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula.

Item #3: Flying flowers

Our Milkweeds are blooming this week. A few other plants have blooms, also. And the weather has warmed.
I’ve been seeing the yellow and black Swallowtails and some smaller butterflies. We see very few of the Monarchs (orange & black).
Ours are the Oregon Swallowtail (Papilio oregonius)

Breaking Cat News cartoon.

Link 1 to Swallowtails.

Link 2: Friend Caitlin has this post: with great photos, and uses the name Papilio machaon oregonius.
Caitlin writes that Oregon Swallowtails {larvae} are exclusively found on wild tarragon (Artemesia dracunculus).
I’ll have to have a look about our “native’s-land” and see if we have this or if the butterflies are just visiting.

Item #4: Things that go boom!

I include this next link . . .
Melbourne’s Jack’s Magazine, where “magazine” means a storage facility for gunpowder.

. . . only because in the part of the USA where we have relatives [McKean County in north-central Pennsylvania], there was a British and American munitions plant for WWII. A cousin told me the buildings have 3 sides of cinder/cement blocks and one side of wood. Anticipating explosions, the wood side was expected to fail while the rest of the building would remain. Thus, rebuilding would be quick and the plant could continue operations. The Melbourne building is much nicer.
See this page: Eldred, PA.

Item #5: What?

I’ve watched this video a few times, trying to figure out what the big deal is, or was. The text claims: “Stranded driver rescued from floodwaters in Atlanta.”

Help! I’m going to drown

It looks as though a massive fire truck and several highly paid members of the fire-crew manage to keep someone from stepping in water about 5 inches deep.
Maybe he could have taken his shoes and socks off and waded the few feet to the safety of the sidewalk?
There must be something about this dramatic rescue I’m missing.

Item #6: A not dramatic story

Meanwhile, in River City (actually, Clarion PA) nothing happens.This photo is from Clarion’s Computer sales and service store. They relocated from the city’s core (between 5th and 6th avenues) to this spot (near 1st Ave) where Hwy 322 (aka, the 28th Division Highway) turns north and goes down to the River. Thus, we called it the River Hill. We lived one block forward and one block to the right.

Clarion might have been famous but Colonel Drake chose to drill the first oil well 32 miles away. Bummer.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.