This week’s not so nasty news

Item #1: from Breaking Cat News

My favorite cartoon, this week:
What are little girls made of?

Item #2: Winds

Sister said I should include a link to outhouses (aka potties) being blown about by wind. That sounds Nasty, so here is a different one:

Whirlwind moves along a beach

The Germain Shorthaired Pointer appears to be a fan.

Item #3: Twins
Twin red somethings, not Pandas


Item #4: Good for something

Stranded fox rescued from iceberg
William’s Harbour is real close to The middle of nowhere.

Item #5: First Dodge story

Dodge goes away
The United Way benefits as have others via this auction company: Barrett-Jackson
Mohegan Sun (entertainment, gaming, dining and shopping) is owned by the Mohegan Tribe. It is situated on 185 acres along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut.

Item #6: Odd car story
Honda Odometer

Seems to me the headline needs a comma
The Best Odometer Picture Ever Took Real Planning And Math

Item #7: WA’s National Parks

Four people, 2 men & 2 women, get rides in a bright yellow helicopter.
3 dramatic rescues from North Cascades NP, Mt. Rainier NP, and Olympic National Park.

“A National Park Service helicopter team carried out three dramatic rescue missions in a single day over the weekend – one rescue in each of Washington state’s three large national parks.”

Item #8: Car colors

In February 2017 we acquired a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, now named Jessica. I had intended to buy a red car but saw the blue color and liked it better. I was tired of white, off-white, and similar hues.
This is a story about car colors from the very early years to now. LINK

Item #9: A 20 year old mystery
From far out in Australia, we have Marree Man.

This one is about the 2016 restoration.

Item #10: Second Dodge story

Finally, and not a moment too soon:
A 16-year-old discovers Dodge Chargers are not designed to fly.
Not at 135 mph

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.