This Week’s Not So Nasty News

. . . . from John, awaiting Nancy’s draft of her week’s news.

Is less bad news good news? Maybe there is less bad news this week than there has been, but it was hard to find the good news stories.

Item #1: Snowpack Pale Ale
Proceeds from Snowpack Pale Ale will support avalanche education classes

Not sold in EBRG, but otherwise I can see buying a couple of 6-packs.
Fremont Brewing

Local TV story

Note the colors on the can. Seems these are a match for the next photo from across the country. Coincidence?”

Item #2: Wash. D. C. Cherry Update
The so-called indicator tree is consistently a week to ten days ahead of the others. As of Thursday morning, it had some puffy white blossoms ready to pop.
Where is the Indicator Tree?

Expecting cool nighttime temperature through Friday of next week. Nothing that will kill unopened buds.
Main link to page: Cherry blossom update

Item #3: Road Trip
Mzungu and Shaba daughter, Kebibi, just 20 months old is off on a 750 mile trip.
Many years ago we gave a horse to a friend, then living in Eastern Idaho. The trip is about 700 miles. Although most of the distance is Interstate Highways, some isn’t and there is a lot of up and down. For 2 weeks before the trip, I took Teak on road trips around our County. At the end of 2 weeks our route took about one hour.
This is a similar story.

About Kebibi

Item #4: Wildlife
I’ve read of folks in large cities thinking something special is happening when they see a hawk or deer, or some wild animal in their neighborhood.
Today I saw several Bald Eagles, a dozen deer and a flock of quail. Then, late in the afternoon a couple of Canada Geese flew over, and back in the house and looking out the window – – 17 (?) Turkeys came past the front door. Nancy got photos of those, I think.
What’s not to like?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.