This Week’s Not So Nasty News
. . . . from John, awaiting Nancy’s draft of her week’s news.

Item #1: Olympics One – Ester Ledecká
I frequently read posts and comments on a blog hosted by a very smart physics & math fellow named Luboš Motl, nickname Lumo. When he writes about the physics stuff, I often only understand a little of it.
Of interest this week is that he is from Czechia – for you old farts, that was once part of Czechoslovakia – now officially known as the Czech Republic.
Being from Czechia, Lumo has been keeping his readers informed of the Country’s now famous daughter, namely Ester Ledecká.
Here are 2 links to the posts. Maybe these provide some information that you haven’t seen if you have been watching or reading about the Olympics on American TV or other news reports.

Link 1 FEB 17 after Gold for skiing

Link 2 FEB 24 after Gold for snowboarding

His perspective comes from this: “There’s a catch, however. For years, Ms Ester Ledecká has been winning medals in snowboarding. This is a gold medal from skiing! She borrowed the skis from Mikaela Shiffrin (the American …
. . . “there are good reasons to think that a top athlete in one sport may be very good in another especially if the two are similar enough.

If you are not interested in sports stories, move along.

Item #2: Olympics Two – a five-ender

. . . a five-ender, is so rare it has only been topped once before in the history of the men’s or women’s Olympic final. And it effectively clinched gold for . . .” the USA curling team. US wins historic Olympic gold

I’ve seen only one article about curling that mentions the mystery of the sport.
As the curler lets go, she or he gives the stone a little twist – this causes the 42 pound polished granite stone to “curl” at the end of its path, thus the name of the game.
If you have ever put spin (English) on a cue ball, you understand the concept.
The curling stone doesn’t do what you expect it to do.
The story I read is in the Wall Street Journal (with diagram shown here).
The WSJ is a subscription service. I haven’t found any other.

Link to WSJ

The activity requires concentration.
Nina Roth is pictured to the right.

Item #3: Snow
We received about 2 inches of snow Friday evening. This morning the sky is blue with fluffy clouds. Very nice day with the temperature approaching 40+°F. The ski areas at the mountain passes are thrilled. They got more snow than we did, but not enough to close the roads.

Item #4: The skunk won

Detroit man uses smoke bomb

. . . The crawl-space became a home for skunks. The man had a few smoke bombs. What could go wrong?

Item #5: Do you have an old bicycle that needs a home?

On a Bison enclosure in Saskachewan.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.


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