This Week’s Not So Nasty News

. . . . from John, awaiting Nancy’s draft of her week’s news.
Item #1: Take the next Exit… News from Canada

On the north edge of the Bay of Fundy, known for the large tidal range, is Saint John, New Brunswick. From the north comes the Saint John River and 40 miles up, the River is crossed by the Vanier Highway.
West is to the left, and 25 miles that-a-way, you will see the sign above.
Take the Wilsey Road ramp and follow for about a mile.
The good folks of Maybee Brewery will be happy to see you.

Item #2: Looks like fun …

Speaking of rivers, there is the great Mississippi that carries much bulk cargo, relatively low valued, toward the Gulf ports. Higher valued, and rare, things sometimes take the river route, also.

Ride the River
I wonder whether or not they fly back up and find another chunk of ice to ride?
News media never provides enough information. I’ll guess they are not there just to have fun. Perhaps to look for fish?
Where is the
Rest of the Story

Item #3: To the next level in style …

There is good news of the stock market rising in value. I watch this and contemplate what to do with all the money our retirement funds are producing? {Just kidding.}
However, an article about caskets was in the newspaper. It seems some folks just won’t let their loved ones go to the next life in a simple pine box or shiny metal one. They need to provide something special.
More fancy caskets
Getting something special takes awhile, so either the body has to be put on ice for a time, or, one has to plan ahead.
I’m planning ahead.
The photo here is a somewhat altered image of the casket R&B singer Percy sledge was in when delivered to the Lord. I’m thinking of having one made with a small fiddle placed where the microphone is on Persy’s. Instead of black, maybe a nice dark wood, like the wood of a magnificent violin.
Of course I do not play any musical instruments, so . . .

Item #4: Breaking bread…
White sulphur-crested cockatoos sharing a quick snack and each other’s company in Black Hill, NSW.
What’s not to like?

Item #5: Another ice story…

Fall through ice, get a ride in a van under a pretty blue blanket.
Firefighters do an ice rescue
And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.