What happened on

November 19?

We were busy this week and Saturday was a music day for Nancy.
Sunday John will be on a field trip into the wilds of Eastern Washington. The trip leader, Nick Z., calls the area the Ritzville Outback.
Nancy and John have visited this area from the Idaho side and would have named it after Tekoa (Tee-co), a tiny place just inside WA when starting in Idaho. John isn’t expected home until about 6:30 P.M., so Nancy’s weekly blog may get posted late Sunday, or not.
There’s always something going on.

When not employed within a regular time frame things such as weekends and holidays are thought of as “what are we doing” and not as vacations. Nancy plans on going to a community dinner on Wednesday for a full blown turkey extravaganza. John usually doesn’t go, but rain is scheduled for the Naneum Fan – so maybe he will. Nah!

A week later we are supposed to go to a Christmas dinner up at the Grange. What shall we take? Thus, we have been thinking of food the last few days. I (John) starting looking at things on the web, and also I need something to fill in for Nancy’s late weekly report.
I found …

Thanksgiving is coming and most folks will have turkey, ham, or beef roasts. Prior to this date in 1966 all this meat was problematic in Catholic households. The left-over turkey had to be held until Saturday, unless you wanted to go to h… .
Then in 1966, U. S. Roman Catholic bishops said otherwise and we could rejoice and feast on something other than canned salmon and sardines on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Remember the crunchy bones in the canned salmon? Yum.
Thinking of the above, I looked up the history of the “no meat Fridays” and found a site from National Public Radio with an interesting article.

The title is: Lust, Lies And Empire:
The Fishy Tale Behind Eating Fish On Friday

Fish tale

You need not have been raised in a Catholic household to appreciate this.