Saturday afternoon

There is not much to report at the moment.

As of noon the ventilator was set on its

lowest setting and either later today or

Sunday the idea is to see if she can go it

alone.  If not it will be restarted and

they wait some more.

As I understand this, when her pulmonary

function deteriorated last Saturday there

was some damage to organs which now have

to heal, which is occurring slowly.

As her sedation has been reduced a bit

she has responded to those about her,

but any neurological issues are yet to be

determined.  First the ventilator has to go.

So no news there.

Liver enzymes levels, which in her case

seem to be relevant*, are continuing to

come down – suggesting in-progress healing.

I did not get numbers today but a couple of

days ago they were reduced by 30% from the

day before.  (*may not be in some other

sorts of liver issues)

On the home front I had to replace the

heater in the horse trough (expecting very

cold for a few days here).  And I am

working with the youngest of the dogs

trying to get her to go in and out via

a ‘doggy’ window.  The two oldest are

fine with this from previous experience

but this one thinks I’m nuts for asking.