FRIDAY — Better and waiting

It is 6:30 as I write.  Nancy has been resting well and improving.  The cardiologist felt she need not be on constant monitoring and so they moved her to the 4th Floor into a big room with windows and a potty.  Except for sky there isn’t much to see out the windows unless one stands up on the sill and looks over the SW wing of the hospital.  Still, the view – any view –is much better than in the ICU.  Likewise, having the ability to use a real bathroom is, compared to a bed pan or movable stool, a major improvement.  It also brings increased movement – we want no regression on the lack of muscle tone.

She is still on a liquid diet in anticipation of procedures to rule out (or in) possible sites for blood loss.  The INR test suggests this could be done on Sunday, but not Saturday.

While I was there this afternoon a blood-draw was done for the purpose of checking on the bacterial infection.  Her color and vital signs suggest a rapid improvement since she went to the ER on Tuesday.  I want to know more about the bacteria and what they measure.

I still haven’t met the infectious disease doctor this go-round.  Last December I sat at opposite ends of the same table with her when I was being briefed by Nancy’s nurse and the doctor was reviewing files.  Later the nurse told me about the doctor but Nancy’s issues at the time did not involve bacteria.  Anyway, Nancy may have to ask for a page or two of notes as the names and spellings of the critters is beyond us and so I have no key words with which to search.

That’s it for Friday.  John