We’ll be a day late, again

dead pine tree
Nancy’s working on her literary creation and I’m about to go to bed.

On the way to work in the forest this morning the sky was full of sun, blue sky clouds and rain. I passed through (5 minutes travel time) heavy rain just before reaching our meeting point. But there the ground was dry. We did not get rained on, the sky was alternately clear and cloudy, and no wind. [Later – learned the wind at home was gusting and blowing leaves out of trees.]

We were hiking out about 3:30.
A little wind was noticeable. One of the crew (Paul) stopped just in front of me and said “What’s that sound?”
“You mean that knocking sound?” Yes he said.
We were stopped under a very tall and very dead tree. It was swaying in the slight breeze and, about 80 feet up, hitting another tree. Up high the movement was several feet. Sway – knock. Sway – knock.

I touched Paul on his back, and said “Let’s walk.” We did.

Just another active day in the forest.

Sleep well.

*false photo snipped from the web