FRIDAY — close wouldn’t do

Today started with leaving at 9:50 a.m. for Cle Elum for a doctor’s visit.  We spent a long time with him, seeing a change in some meds, review of my bettering condition, and finally more blood drawn for lab work there.  We stopped afterwards at the accountant’s office for John to ask questions about Medicare A & B and changes, if any, to our relationship with the Clinic beginning April 1 when the group health policy via the University will no longer be our major provider.

My weight is holding steady and my body parts are healing nicely – they are all in good shape for the shape they are in.  Still, finding a good place to stick a needle to draw blood  took a bit of searching.  I’m thin where I haven’t been thin since the mid-60s.  My lower legs are attractively thin but not pretty – the peeling or scaly sun-damaged look is gone but the flesh tone is more red than bronze.  There are reasons for that and we’re working on them.

I might as well have been in a cave for the past three months, so, short term, I’m taking a mega dose of vitamin D, extra calcium, and iron.  Those are in addition to the several other things related to the heart issue.  We bought a 4-times by 7-day multi-chambered plastic pill box.  Now John and I can fill that once a week and cut down on sorting through the containers and the strange names.

This next isn’t part of my story but it almost caused me to pee my pants which I would have done 10 days ago – progress.

John wanted to find the waste treatment facility because they have recently installed a new set of instruments to report weather data.  An on-line atlas of weather stations is being completed by volunteers and this site, operational only since last September, has not yet been included.  The place, though easy to see, is behind a gate and the protocol is to have permission.  Getting permission was easy enough but took a little time.  Across the road but within sight was a store.  The lady inside didn’t know what to do but she did know whose land one had to cross to get to it.  She called Andy (names are changed to protect the … just kidding).  Andy said the gate appeared to be locked but usually wasn’t and, anyhow, the combination was WXYZ.  So the lady called the Chamber, which we visited by driving back across town and the ladies there said they didn’t control it but to see Bill in city hall.  Bill was eating lunch but Jane called Tom at the sewage treatment plant.  She held the phone up and Jane, Bill, Tom, and John discussed the issue.  It is a small town – John was the only stranger.

Soon we were headed back across town, opened the gate, drove in, closed the gate, signed in, took notes and pictures, back in the car to the gate, opened the gate, drove out, closed the gate, and headed to the nearest gas station/mini-mart because the Subaru and I were very thirsty.  Almost as soon as we passed the “leaving town” sign I knew I had to go.

John said if I started to do so in the car he would reach across, open the door, and roll me out.  He didn’t say he would stop first.  I’ve already told that I made it home.

Just one more little accomplishment on the road to recovery.