The distance traveled today was 0.48 mile, one way.  Double that and we still didn’t make a full mile in the car.  I should have zagged or zigged on the way to or from.  I wasn’t sure whether to zig or zag so I didn’t.

Nancy got in and out of the car just fine.  The 4-wheeled walker ‘just’ fit in the back.  These things do fold but are still large and odd shaped.  The place we visited is a series of apartments with mostly senior folk and from the gender of those that showed up, about 94% female.   A few came with walkers much like the one Nancy is using.  There were a couple of wheel chairs and maybe a cane or two.  There were snacks afterward but of the dry cookie type or small sandwich variety.  I could have made a meal of the stuff but Nancy is into moist and softer things and we didn’t stay.

Also, we needed to return to her room for a potty stop and then she needed a nap. She very much wants to participate but from getting going to getting back was about 2 hours and that, currently, is a lot for her.

Changing direction a little, we’ve noticed that on her lower legs her skin is peeling much as it would if sunburned and there is some general redness there also.  This is the location of the worst of the edema and visible swelling during her ICU stay.  I suspect a connection and have briefly searched on the ‘web’ with little success.  The search results I’m getting are all over the spectrum and not what I want.  I guess my search terms need improvement.  If you have any ideas on this issue you can let me – John –  know here: