Friday evening, with Nancy doing well, I decided I would stay home on Saturday morning.  So I did.  I stayed home this morning to do a few things and failed – not in staying home but in getting anything done.  Dogs and horses needed attention. Nancy called several times.

Her roommate’s daughter had stopped at a well know food place and bought a milkshake – “one of the best shakes in town.”  Nancy thought she might like one.  To kill two of us birds with one stone I decided to order my meal as well.  $10 later I was on my way.  Why does a small milkshake cost $3.00 when I can buy a half-gallon of ice cream (on sale) for the same price?

Next “milkshake day” I’ll make it at home and carry it in.  And don’t get me started on how little things cost when I was young!

It is late afternoon and I’ll soon be headed back to town.  We have 100% cloud cover and it is sprinkling and I have to go out and feed horses.  And the dogs want to go out and run in the muck – not a chance!

I’ve looked all over for a phone number she wants.  Can’t find it.

Ran her soiled shirts (blouses) through the laundry.  Then ran the dish washer just to claim I’d done something useful.

In December Nancy was in the hospital and I bought a cell phone.  It has a camera.  It isn’t of much use unless I can get the images from it to my computer.  It has “Bluetooth” and a USB port.  I haven’t figured out the Bluetooth thingy yet so I went (today) and bought the appropriate cable for the USB connector.  I just spent an hour trying to figure that out.  No luck.  So I will make another trek to the AT&T store to see if they have any idea.  If that doesn’t work I’ll have to go find an 8 year-old.

Rant over.