THURSDAY — catching up

It is late afternoon.  I just returned.  Early A.M. breakfast with Nancy.  Then home to take care of horses and dogs.  11 A.M. meeting with human resources folks at the U to begin final paper work to transition to full retirement.  Home for lunch.  To “rehab” facility carrying violin.  The group Nancy plays with, played at her place at 2 P.M. today.

The therapy folks had to finish with Nancy early today (nice of them to do that) so she could rest an hour before the musicians began arriving at about 1:45.  She has seen some of them (most maybe) since last playing with the group in November.  This was her first play-date in nearly 3 months.  It is fair to say they all had a grand time, especially her.  To the entire group and a couple of spouses — Bravo!  (Made me tear-up.)

Now I’m home fixing supper – then I’ll jump in the car for the fourth time today for a drive to town.  This trip is for a meeting of our horse riding club for whom I do a small monthly newsletter.

Yesterday, just to catch up, I did breakfast and supper with Nancy.  Lunch I did with a dozen riders (I skipped the ride).  They parked near a trailhead of the cross-state (old RR) trail that is close to a restaurant.  Today it is raining so they picked the best day of the week to ride.

Tomorrow is the “swallowing study” so I expect another interesting day.