SUNDAY — a lazy day

At this point a don’t consider a lazy day as being a good day.  Without weekend therapists Nancy doesn’t get out of bed.  She does move her arms and legs but there is very little stress on the “getting going” muscles.

I hope this stage is soon over and she can get in the chair and scoot around the halls on her own.  I don’t think she minds the inactivity as much as I do.  Getting up, in the chair, and then standing and walking is very hard for her now – a real exertion even with help.

She will go to a doctor’s appointment in Yakima on Tuesday afternoon.  This ride will be in a wheelchair in a van.  We expect she will get the stitches out where the chest drain holes are (were) but we do not have an idea what else will be accomplished.

We also think her current roommate will be going home on Tuesday.

Good or not, this week will bring some changes.