THURSDAY — straightening things out

So, last things first.  The elderly man mentioned yesterday was keeping his wife from getting good sleep so someone reported that the couple thought it would be a good idea to move him out.  The woman told me she did not ask for nor like the move but Nancy became a convenient ‘necessity’ to accomplish what someone wanted.

It seems the move from Yakima was approved by the insurance company for a 3-day evaluation period with, upon asking, a 7-day follow-on.  Then each 7-day period has to be approved prior to the end of the prior period.  This protocol seems not to have been understood by everyone aware of Nancy’s arrival and so the messages we were getting were jumbled and conflicting.

Confounding the issue was Nancy’s late arrival (just before 4 P.M.) in contrast to the more common morning arrival.  Thus occupational and physical therapy folks were very busy with their duties.  With various functions going on all day they have problems keeping to a schedule if something unexpected happens.  If someone needs a bath and that team shows up just before the therapy team then there is a reshuffling of appointments as if one had missed the partner in a square dance move.

By late this afternoon either Nancy or I or together had visited with most of the folks working to coordinate her rehabilitation.  We got to explain her condition and how she got to this point and they began to put together a plan to move forward with her needs.  As I understand it this is what is needed for the place to get approval for the following week.

I now need to gather proper shoes or slippers, and enough clothes for her to appear in public.  Ye ‘old hospital gown won’t do in the physical therapy room.

It used to be people had ‘family doctors’ but now we have ‘primary care physicians’.  We are back in home territory now and I alerted our doctor and he came by and visited after seeing his clinic clients.  I left the two of them after a bit to come take care of things at home – feeling a whole lot better about today than about yesterday.