Here’s Why

. . . the next full post will be Sunday evening.

This is the week of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association workshop that is being held in Moses Lake.

Fiddle on an outline of WA State

The town is east of us and from here the trip involves going over a ridge (Rye Grass) and then down to the Columbia River and back up the steep canyon, all on Interstate 90. Nancy went over for Mon. thru Wed. and then came home and did the regular Thursday music gig. We are going back this Friday morning.
Nancy will practice with and then play in the afternoon presentations of the Workshop classes. This will be with the instructor she has known for over 20 years while the workshop was held in the town of Kittitas and just a few miles from us. With luck we will get home between 5 and 6 o’clock.
On Saturday Nancy is scheduled to play music in EBRG and John is to go west to help on a hiking trail just this side of Snoqualmie Pass.

It will take some work for Nancy to get the week’s activities into digital form and then we’ll team-up to get it properly into WordPress. Expect the posting to be mid-day Sunday.

Meanwhile, our State is experiencing serious fires that have put a lot of smoke in the air, caused evacuations including an entire small town, and contributed to a major pile-up [now cleared] of cars (14?) and big rigs (9?) on the interstate that we will take (if it is reopened) this morning. The alternative is the very old cross-state 2-lane highway. The WA-DOT has not posted an update since 6:47 last night. The main problem yesterday was smoke, blowing dust and ashes from the fire (started at a rest stop by a large motor home that burned). We need to leave home by about 8:30 AM or so to get to Moses Lake for the practice session at 11. Time now is 5 minutes to 7. Things to do, including getting Nancy up and in motion.

Nancy and John
on the Naneum Fan