Change clocks, count bananas

A rainy week.
I had a $30 winning ticket in WA’s lottery. The Covid shot was paid for by fellow taxpayers and me. Then I went to the transfer station (aka the Dump) and paid $21 to send my stuff to be buried in a landfill for future archaeologists to decipher. After the cost of driving to EBRG, I was ahead by about $3.00.
Wednesday, Phyllis and Cameron had me and another for fondue. If I don’t count the gasoline for the 120 mile trip that was a free meal. We sampled 4 wines from recent vintages. Thursday, lunch with my lawyer, Ann, was at a Thai restaurant in EBRG. I paid her a fee for last year’s consultations that was never billed, and she paid for the meal. Our conversation was not law stuff, so we just had a good time. I was not exactly impressed with the food, having been raised on beef and potatoes. The place is nice, the server was lovey and pleasant, even though I could barely understand her.

Contractor Walter came for a visit. His trusted and talented worker had an emergency appendectomy 2 months ago and complications ensued. He went from EBRG to the major hospital in Seattle – Harborview Medical Center. The doctors intend on one last operation, but he has started to heal and eat real food. Progress. My working relationship with Walter is for him to let things here slide when he has work elsewhere. Thus, nothing has been done here for two months.
I have had $1,000 worth of his equipment here and via email suggested he should get it home before winter. He thinks he can come back later this coming week, do some work, and take more of the equipment to his lockable shed. Other than that neither of us is no longer young, none of this is a big deal or urgent.

One of the few concerts I went to when in high school was Harry Belafonte (trip to Pittsburgh) and one of his songs is called Day-O or the Banana Boat Song. Here are three lines of the lyrics:

Work all night on a drink a rum
Stack banana ’til the mornin’ come
Come, mister tally man, tally me banana

The following image is on the web this week:

Start counting.

Keeping Track
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