Visit to the charred vines

A photo of the vineyard shows several aspects of the damage caused by the Baird Springs Fire. In this part many posts were burned at the base, and held up by the wires. In some cases all the post was consumed. Some had half to 85% burned, being left to hang on the wires.
I was there Monday, a week after, and there were blades of new grass about 3 inches tall. Right after the fire folks helped lay new irrigation lines and water was turned back on. I wasn’t involved. Another couple came and walked each row and counted the burned posts that will have to be replaced.
So on Monday, Cameron and I began detaching wires and removing the posts. These will be carted out later and destroyed or piled someplace to continue their inevitable demise. The were originally treated – much of that seems to be gone – so can’t be used as firewood.
The morning was sunny, but cool. Wind was strong. After 4 hours we quit, went to the house, and started on a bottle of wine. Phyllis came back from town with deep fried chicken. A bit later, three other folks came by to visit. I got home about 4 pm.

The big unknown is the degree of damage for the vines. There are many buds in the trunks and canes, so in a few weeks some of these should show. Regardless, work will continue on rebuilding the trellises.
The rest of the week has been too hot for me to bother going over.

I did go have supper with the couple, Angela and Garret, with the Pétanque court, called a boulodrome. Just he and I played. A lot of that involved him instructing me on the game, with a few glasses of wine. I was also quizzing him about the surface (terrain) needed for good play. It requires a mixture of gravel and clay. I haven’t found anything on the web about this.
I plan on developing the area just south of the house as a boulodrome, and the gravel surface will add to the non-burnable space around the house. Two birds with one stone idea.

Temperatures have been to hot for me outside, except for about two hours each day. So not much accomplished.
At 7:30 Saturday it is 84 degrees outside and 82 inside. The high today was 93°F. With a bit of luck, that’s the last of the 90s. The first two days of August may get into the low 90s.

Washington State news of the week involves the Taylor Swift concert happening as I type. She calls this one the Eras Tour and with tickets, gear, parking, and travel it is costing folks a month’s rent.
She is smart, rich, and from Pennsylvania.
We share the last.

Keeping Track
on the Naneum Fan