Variety Week

I was only able to prune vines on Thursday.
Monday was a dental filling. But there was no pruning on Mon/Tues anyway.
Wednesday was a service visit from Culligan.
Friday was lunch at CWU.

Saturday was a warm and sunny day. The temp reached 85°F for a brief moment while holding at 84 most of the afternoon. I watered the onions. They were happy.They are still small and frequent water is needed.
Next Sunday is expected to have a high of 60°.

I’ve used the garden cart to carry tree-rounds to the shed where the electric log splitter is set up. The wood was cut last year or earlier and stored under cover. A small percentage of the splitting wood will fly to the right when the break happens. An animal or person, especially a small one, could be hurt. That is a no-go-zone, although the operator is not in danger.
Other pieces are “stringy” and the full travel-length of the machine does not completely separate the pieces. If I can’t break them by hand, an ax finishes the job.

I intended to spray weeds today. When I got up the wind speed was 3 mph. Slowly, at first, and then more quickly the wind rose and averaged in the mid-to-high 30s. Top gust was 51 mph. With strong wind I stay out from under standing trees. I cut three downed trees into firewood lengths. Yesterday, I had used the truck to pull the logs into an open area.
Now into May we go – with blooming daffodils – finally.

Keeping Track
on the Naneum Fan