March 28th Health post

Plan still unsettled . . .

Yesterday and earlier reports follow after this.

I have now had several phone conversations with nurses and hospital “care” workers. I have the feeling the initial view there was that they were getting an older woman with ‘just‘ a nosebleed.
Nancy’s year of inactivity, and then the fluid build-up, has left her immobile to a severe degree. Her damaged heart is not going to provide for much exertion or sustained activity.
A physical therapist came (about 11:15 am) and got her out of bed and for a walk in the hall. His assessment – conveyed to me later by another person – was that Nancy should be sent to a rehabilitation facility. This, I had already urged (explained) to two of the nurses for her room.
Insofar as she is quite rational (mostly), the “care” person (sorry, don’t know job title) questioned me about home versus a facility – because Nancy seems capable of making decisions for herself.

I need time to work with the Home Health folks here in EBRG to get in-home help, not just nurse and PT visits. But she needs to be in better physical shape, even for that. If she can’t get to that (low) level of physical shape, there is a good change she will need a long term care facility.

There are many moving parts to this situation, so very unsettled.
_ _ _ _
The hospital’s phone system got chaotic this afternoon. She was to call me after 3:00, but didn’t. When I called the system did not connect with her room. I called back. That connection sounded like someone was keying in a number. I switched handsets; that helped. But, she wanted to call me back, so I hit the off button. She didn’t call, so I tried again. Busy signal. Now at 9:00 pm I don’t know any more than I did at 1:30.
What’s the phrase: There is always tomorrow.

Hope your day went better than ours did.