Not so Nasty News January 22nd

Item #1: Could have been worse

A trip to Costco resulted in me buying a 5 terabyte disk drive, the Copper-fit product, and a Turbo Tax package for 2020.
The first was meant to be a CD-Rom reader. The one recently bought had found a hiding place in our stuff. The Tax software comes on a disk, thus the need ’cause Nancy’s laptop doesn’t have one built in. At home, and being told of the situation, I conducted a thorough search and found the recently acquired one.
The TurboTax package in the store is fake. It is taken to the checkout and a “runner” is called to fetch the product. Checkout was fast and a young lady pushed my cart out of the line and into the open traffic area, and said the normal pleasantries. I said similar, and headed out of the store. Oops! The runner had not returned. This I did not realize until unpacking at home. {I think this happens to others, also, because no one batted an eye at my problem.}
The center item was meant to be a double box set of compression socks. The package shape and color is the same as socks given to Nancy by friend Amy. I did, in fact, open the package at home before discovering I had “knee sleeves” and not socks. Ouch! This revelation happen after the return trip to Costco.

I headed back to Costco on Friday and went to buy gas. There I discovered I did not have my membership/charge card. The Amazon Prime card was rejected. Thus, no gas. I think that makes 4 bads.
I did have a receipt with my ID# and with that and my WA Drivers License I was able to get a refund (cash card) and a temporary shopping permit. Whew!
I didn’t buy gas, but still have a gallon or more to get back to town.
I also retrieved my credit card from the shirt I wore on Wednesday.

I had a better outcome than this person:
And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.