GARDEN HILLS BROWNIE TROOP 327 back in the 1950s - Atlanta, GA --  Plus more below !! added June, 2011
and more on North Fulton High School's 50th Reunion, May 20, 2011 - at the very bottom.  UPDATED: January 7, 2012.

The two pictures below are of some people, many of whom ended up at North Fulton High School.
Many of us were in the graduating class of 1961, and this May 20, 2011 is our 50th high school reunion.  Our
elementary school days were spent at Garden Hills, right next door to North Fulton High School.

Caroline Dees sent these pictures to me, Nancy Brannen, and then I sent to Lynn Levins who helped me
identify most of the people that Caroline and I didn't remember.  After the reunion, Carole Dial, spotted herself in
the second picture.

We hope you will look at these and share any corrections or additions to our identification process.  And, we hope
if you have more, you will scan and share with us for the record.  If you have any pictures of your Garden Hills
neighborhood images, we would love seeing them and adding them with a brief description to this page.

        Brownie Troop 327 - Nativity Scene
Nativity Scene, identification:

Front row, left to right:  Lynn Levins, Beth Lindsay, Betty Sue Cameron, Beverly Bobo, Sarah Lyons

Middle two:  Ann Mitchell, Susan Sidell

Back row:  Emily Plaster, Harriet Wynn, Carolyn Merritt, Beverly Brown, Caroline Harsh, Nancy Brannen,
Janet Harris, Caroline Dees, Pam Fulghum, Barbara Brown, Dottie Jordan.


Attempted ID of Brownie Troop 327 Band:    Far Left, Mrs. Louise Dees, Far Right, Mrs. Jennie Lee Brown.

Front row:  Sarah Lyons, Nancy Brannen, Caroline Harsh, Janet Harris, Barbara Brown, Caroline Dees, Carolyn Merritt, Susan Sidell, Lynn Levins.

Top row:  Harriet Wynn, Beth Lindsay, Emily Plaster,  ?maybe Ann Mitchell ?, perhaps Beverly Brown, Carole Dial, Dottie Jordan, Marie Barber, Pam Fulghum.


Here we go with another later (Girl Scout ?) picture sent by Carolyn Merritt.  I don't seem to be in this one, and Beverly Brown is missing too. 
Wonder why?  Meanwhile, with Carolyn's help, there's an attempt below at identification.  And does anyone in this picture remember the occasion ?

                     a party ? at Sarah Lyon's house

Bottom row:  Carolyn Merritt, Gayle Clark
Middle row:  Beverly Bobo, Lynn Levins, Barbara Brown, Betty Sue Cameron, Beth Lindsay, Dottie Jordan, Pam Fulghum
Top row:  Caroline Dees, Sarah's mom, Anne Fears, maybe Vivian's mom, Vivian Meacham, Mrs. Jennie Lee Brown, Sarah Lyons,  Mrs. Louise Dees

Please, if you can tell me the mom's first names, I will add them.

THIS IS FUN.  Please send more pictures.  I went to our North Fulton High's 50th reunion and saw many of you there.  How fantastic.  Carole
Dial and I talked about having a Garden Hills reunion.  Lynn Levins and Vivian Meacham visited Sarah Lyons and decided at the next reunion we
would all go out to lunch.

While at the reunion, Marcia Brooks brought the following picture from our church days and choir from 2.5 to 5 years old (Cherub) at First Baptist Church.
She scanned it for me and sent it to me after I got home.  I have put it below, but there are many people we cannot identify.  Check it out, and see if you know anyone.

There are 4 people we know of who were in our high school graduating class at NF, and one who was at Grady, the same year.

UPDATE -- I received Mary Em Robinson's email address from Dot Wright Smith with whom I stayed in Atlanta for the 50th reunion.  She also came with me to the Friday night gathering because she had friends from church who were in our class.  Dot went to Grady with Mary Em.  Note below the picture the added identifications. 

First Baptist Church Atlanta-Cherub Choir
The NFHS classmates are all on the 3rd row:  Second from the left is Bobby Hurt. Then Claudia Taylor.  Skip one and the next is Marcia Brooks, Dianne Jolly (deceased), and Nancy Brannen. 

On the 1st row, left is Barbara Lane, Mary Em Robinson, Lit Little, Lindsay Leitch, ?, Donna Miller & Karl Girrard.
2nd row is Andy Smith, Beverly O'Karma, Barbara Naulick, Signe Gartrell,  ?, ? , Jimmy Middleton
3rd row is Fabian Boudreau, Bobby Hurt, Claudia Taylor, ?, Marcia Brooks, Dianne Jolly, Nancy Brannen
4th row is ?, Pat Naulick, ? Winnie Davis, ?, Nancy Lane, Betty Sue Boudreau
5th row is Kathleen McClesky, Jeanne Landers, ?, Cap Middleton, Donald Nash, ?, ?

Please if anyone reading this has ideas of other names to associate with the picture and the question marks, let me know, and I will update the page.

Request for something else from your memory, at least it's in mine.  Mr. Ray Smathers, our Minister of Music, always used to end the children's choir rehersals with a prayer.  I remember it this way, do any of the rest of you ? 

         May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent, one from another.  Amen.

Picture below is from the lineup for the class picture at the 50th Reunion in Atlanta, May 2011.  This is only part of the group.
Part Of NFHS classmates lineup @ 50th
This picture was taken by Chris Parker, and there are a few people I recognize:  on the front row -- me (Nancy Brannen), Pat Flanagan, Nancy Ramage, Sally Teague, Van Stayton, Pete Ford, (Tommy Kilpatrick?), Judy Thompson, Peggy Hendrix.
I know Ross Palmes was behind me (who is to his right?), and Bob Forstall, then Nancy Thompson, Ed Cundiff, Cam Crockett, Frank Coyne (I think), Don Cockrill, ??, Jim Wimberly and (Beverly Brown ?) behind Peggy Hendrix, (? who to Peggy H's left?), and Lynn Levins is in the top right.  Please help me with others you recognize.

Below are some pictures from the NFHS Reunion that Camille Clements was kind enough to put on a web site for everyone to have access.  People with cameras there that night submitted them to her to put on line.  Wow.. Thanks Camille for a TON of work.
Anne Fears & Nancy Brannen BobPlunkettNancyBrannenRichardBeardNancyFrye
             Anne Fears & Nancy at the reunion dinner, Saturday              Reception Friday night, Bobby Plunket and I are amused at something.
Marcia Brooks & Hubby Michael Earlng Nancy B -Lynn Levins - Judy Thompson
                    Marcia Brooks    &     Michael Earing (hubby)                  Nancy with Lynn Levins and Judy Thompson Friday night
Nancy B  - Bob Hurt & his wife Virginia Nancy & Bob Pfohl
Nancy has apparently just told Bobby Hurt and wife Virginia something alarming.  Here's Nancy with Bob Pfohl, and below at The Varsity, he is holding my Medtronic card for the Porcine Valve that replaced my Mitral heart valve.  I thin his ring is his retirement present from Medtronic.  We were discussing his job and when I heard he worked for Medtronic, I mentioned my connection to his company and reached into my wallet to show him my ID card.  He laughed and held it over to his side, while he told me a story about how he had worked with an individual who developed their special porcine valve he marketed all over the world.  He was telling me the story with the inventor's name, Mr. Hancock, and then after he ended it, he showed me the name on my card of whom he had marketed the very Porcine heart valve I have  (see the image below on the right).  Small world, eh?
bob pfohl  w/ Nancy's Mitral Valve Medtronix card Nancy's Medtronic Heart Valve ID
Nancy at Table Front with 95 others in room Nancy Pink at Varsity Table with Others & booths behind
            The reunion dinner Saturday night (about 95 people there).         A good number of folks went to The Varsity, after the tour of the old high school.   

Nancy and others Saturday morning at NFHS  NFHS hallway for memories
                  Nancy, Bob Pfohl, Ragan Vandergriff, Bob Plunket & Beth Lindsay, NFHS  /  The Hallway in North Fulton High School for our Memories
Look at the screen
Look at the screen.  That's Nancy Brannen (left) working with Lynn Levins on the Annual staff.

Classmates named Nancy Nancy Barbara Carolyn Vivian
                           All the Nancys in our 1961 graduating class. Ramage, Frye, Thompson, Brannen | Nancy, Barbara Brown, Carolyn Merritt, Vivian Meacham

Laughing At Class Photo Take Nancy Brannen and Nancy Thompson
Left:  The laughing picture while we assembled for class photo: Hubert Marshall, Ross Palmes, Nancy, Bob Forstall, Nancy Thompsaon and Pat Flanagan.
Right:  Nancy Brannen and Nancy Thompson

Thanks to Dot and Bill Smith for retrieving me from the airport and delivering me back to leave, for housing and feeding and transporting me around town for a week so that I could attend my 50th High School reunion in Atlanta, GA, May 20, 2011.  Below are only two pictures from our exciting trips that week, which included a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank (where Bill has an office), a couple of trips to the Druid Hills Country Club, for dinner one night and for a fancy ladies old fashioned southern luncheon another day -- Voters Guild of Metropolitan Atlanta (VGMA), with pictures below recording the event.  Also, we attended a little league ball game their grandson played in Snellville, near Stone Mountain.  Two nights we went to an Irish pub for dinner.  They also retrieved me from the banquet Saturday night for the evening dinner and dance, because about 11:30 I was totally exhausted.  I was going to get a ride to their house, but I didn't have the stamina to last as long as my transportation there did.  
There were a lot more great trips (one to a Box Store) in Buckhead at the intersection of Peachtree and Piedmont Roads.  I grew up on Piedmont Road.  We drove around my old neighborhood.  Sadly, my house had been replaced, but the one next door was still standing.  Oddly enough, that house was the offices of Thompson and Street Contractors (Note Nancy Thompson above)--her dad was an owner.

dot & bill between 2 members of their wedding party  hatted ladies Druid Hills Country Club Luncheon
Left:  Dot & Bill surrounded by two members of their 1964 wedding party, Carolyn Rich, & me . 
Right:  The picture on the right is of the women at the VGMA luncheon, standing in front of the antique wooden bar at Druid Hills Country Club.

Finally, and I do not have pictures of all the stops at the day before my reunion started when I visited relatives in Mableton and Marietta, GA on my mom's side. They are on a CD Dot and Bill burned for me to clear storage on my camera, and I have misplaced it.  Only a few pictures made it to my computer when I got home.  After the reunion, I went with Elaine Murphy and her sister Anne Murphy Bennett to visit with Jolayne and Sandy Bederman in their house and then we went to John's Creek, GA.  Sandy was my first geography teacher in 1962 in a World Regional Geography class at Georgia State College (then, later University).  I was a math major but I liked his classes so much I took almost a major in Geography (minus only one capstone course), and then Anne Murphy and I went on a geography field trip to Europe, in 1965, with Sandy and Jolayne as our chaperones.  Pictures of our afternoon together are below.

  Elaine Nancy Jolayne Anne Sandy & Nancy  Sandy & Jolayne at Lunch

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